Scientific Topics

The conference will cover topical issues at the frontier of hadron structure and explore outstanding open questions. Topics discussed will include: 

  • QCD at high parton densities and small-x evolution: BFKL, Color Glass Condensate. 

  • Quark and gluon content of nucleons and nuclei: (nuclear) parton distribution functions, hadron and jet fragmentation. 

  • Spin and 3D structure: helicity distributions, transverse momentum dependent (TMDs) and generalized parton distributions (GPDs). 

  • The properties of colored probes in cold nuclear matter: modifications of quarkonia production, jet formation and evolution, hadronization. 

  • Complementarity and connections of EIC physics with p+p, p+A and A+A collisions: high-pt processes, diffraction, multi-parton interactions, quark-gluon plasma, colored probes in hot nuclear matter. 

  • Physics beyond the Standard Model and connections to other areas in physics. 

  • Future DIS facilities: accelerator and detector developments.

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