Local Information

Precise information on how to reach Ecole Polytechnique can be found on the school web page.

As explained, there are two options to get to Ecole Polytechnique from Paris:

- the RER B + bus option : you get off at the stop "Polytechnique Lozère". Note that for the bus, you will need a metro ticket (which can be bought onboard for 2€) in addition to the RER ticket.

- the RER B + 15min-walk option. Please note that this walk includes a stairway of about 300 steps up to Ecole Polytechnique. It is quite difficult if carrying heavy baggage and may be slippery in inclement weather.

Importante note: make sure you check the panels on the platform to know what stops the RER B train will make. Not all trains coming from Paris stop at the Lozère or Massy-Palaiseau stations !

You will then need to go to the "Grand Hall", marked with number 14 on Ecole Polytechnique's map. You will arrive from the bottom of the map as indicated.

Finally, this map of the Grand Hall will help you locate the Gay-Lussac auditorium (it is abbreviated "G-Lussac" on the map).

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